Katharr is a band project by Tom Zimmer and Severin Rauch. Their unique sound is strongly shaped by their talent to improvise with elements from different musical genres. The combination of African-influenced drum patterns with heavily processed guitar tones (produced by Tom’s playing his Dohle) results in a high-energy and psychedelic rock sound that drives the audience to the dance floor.

Guitarist Tom Zimmer had the idea of a stringed instrument which can be played nicely with a bow to produce epic pad sounds. He asked my if I could imagine to design it. A few sketches and a prototype later the “Dohle” was born.

A couple of weeks after I handed over the instrument to Tom, I saw him playing as musical accompaniment of a stage play at Volkstheater München. I was blown away by the broad bandwidth of musical expressions he found with his new instrument.

In cooperation with the amazing guitar player and teacher Paul Prem we present a free series of blues guitar tutorials. All licks are taken from Paul’s new album “Who am I“.

Paul uses some of our electric guitars like the Star Greywhite 3S or the cabronita-style Fink Black FF for the tutorials.

Until christmas, Paul will publish a video every day on his Instagram and YouTube channel. So have fun playing his ingenious blues licks.

This article introduces you to my interpretation of a guitar neck contour jig inspired by the original Idea of Bill Scheltema. Feel free to download the plans and build one for your own guitar projects.