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Tim Schwerdter of CRO plays On Guitars' instruments on tour  

Guitarist and bassist Tim Schwerdter of CRO took center stage during the 11:11 Open Air Tour in the summer of 2023, touring through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He wowed the crowds with a custom-made "Pitpit 251" bass and the prototype of On Guitars' latest offset model "Elster" featuring two powerful Firebird-style pickups.

Photo: Max Hartmann

Tim Schwerdter's "Pitpit 251" Bass

Tim Schwerdter's performance on the 11:11 Open Air Tour brought the groove and thump to the stage with his custom-made "Pitpit 251" bass. This bass guitar, meticulously crafted by On Guitars, featured two single-coil pickups that delivered a deep, resonant tone with precision and clarity.

The unique combination of design aesthetics, tonal versatility, and the craftsmanship of the "Pitpit 251" made it a standout instrument on stage. Tim's playing style and the bass's distinctive character blended seamlessly, adding a layer of depth and groove to CRO's music that resonated with audiences throughout the tour.

Photo: Max Hartmann

The Prototype of On Guitars' "Elster" Offset Guitar

During the 11:11 Open Air Tour Tim Schwerdter also unveiled the prototype of On Guitars' latest innovation—the "Elster" offset guitar. This guitar model, in its developmental phase, featured two punchy Firebird-style pickups, which provided a rich, cutting tone that commanded attention on stage.

The "Elster" offset guitar showcased a unique blend of design and functionality. Its striking body shape and versatile electronics captured the essence of Tim's musical style, allowing him to explore new sonic territories during the tour.


From the groovy "Pitpit 251" bass to the innovative prototype of On Guitars' "Elster" offset guitar, Tim demonstrated the power of a custom instrument designed to meet the needs of a versatile musician. These instruments weren't just tools of the trade; they were extensions of Tim's musical expression, enriching the musical experience for everyone in attendance.

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