The build of the Pitpit bass model with Shaper Origin

Shaper accompanied the build of our new bass model Pitpit from the planning in CAD to the ready-to-play bass. The video documentation shows how intensively Shaper Origin has been integrated into my work process and how instruments are created that leave nothing to be desired in terms of sound and build quality.

If you want to learn more visit On Guitars and the Shaper Team in Mannheim, Germany, September 9-11, 2022, at Guitar Summit. There we will present Shaper Origin in action and answer questions about guitar building with Origin. Of course I will also have a few On Guitars models with us to check out.


Shaper supports me by providing one of the two Shaper Workstations or sending accessories like cutters for testing. I did not receive any fee for the shooting itself. I bought my Shaper Origin and one of the Shaper Workstations at the regular price. I have owned it since December 2019 because I applied for the early customer program and was selected. Therefore, I was able to gain experience with the machine before the official market launch in Europe.