Katharr · Artist Feature

Katharr is a band project by Tom Zimmer and Severin Rauch. Their unique sound is strongly shaped by their talent to improvise with elements from different musical genres. The combination of African-influenced drum patterns with heavily processed guitar tones (produced by Tom’s playing his Dohle) results in a high-energy and psychedelic rock sound that drives the audience to the dance floor.

The video for their song “KlimBim” captures this spirit, enriched with stunning visuals by Dominik Schatz.

Tom Zimmer

The key of Katharr’s unique sound is the fact that Tom plays his “Dohle” throughout all their songs. The Dohle is a stringed instrument designed and handmade by On Guitars based on Tom’s idea.

Originally, the main idea was to build an instrument optimized to be played with a bow, but Tom discovered so many other musical expressions with this instrument that I never thought of when designing it.

Severin Rauch

Watching Severin play drums is always very inspiring to me. His effortless drumming style drives the songs at every moment, giving them an organic energy and forward motion.

Adding all sorts of percussive instruments to a minimalist rock drum kit, he creates a beautiful landscape of constantly varying and exciting textures.