9ms · Artist Feature

The guys from 9ms visited the On Guitars workshop to explore the percussive side of the “Dohle” model. Florian König and Simon Popp fuse the pure direct signal of the instrument with their fat, oozing beats to create a pulsating and engaging sonic experience.

In 2021 the two released their great debut album “Pleats”. If you haven’t yet absorbed this cocktail of techno, krautrock and spherical sounds, you should do so immediately.

9 ms

The Munich-based duo 9ms are Simon Popp and Florian König reconciling the acoustic with the electric world. Using various infrared and magnetic field sensors, the two drummers are able to translate their movements into control voltage, which they then use to trigger and tweak synthesizers and a myriad of effects like tape echos and reverb units. This lends a playful element to the interaction of man and machine.

The duo’s name hints at the maximum tolerable latency in such a hybrid system that still allows for musical communication. Despite the minimalist setup used for their recordings, the sonic versatility of their music matches the wide dynamic range of Popp and König’s drumming.