On Munich’s stages together with Cro and band

I had the honor to equip Cro and his band with our instruments for the last two concerts in Munich. 

Thanks, Finn Beek for the great pictures from the show at Zenith Munich.

Apart from the unbelievable experience of seeing and hearing my guitars and basses on a stage in front of 6000 people, I was especially happy about the feedback from the band after the sound check: “Everything sounded much more awesome today somehow”. Very big thanks to Cro, Tim Schwerdter, Victor Flowers and especially Flo König.

Carlo with the “Star PastelViolet 3S“, Photo: Finn Beek
Tim Schwerdter with the “Pitpit 451 PatinaGreen” Short Scale Bass, Photo: Finn Beek
Tim Schwerdter with the “Fink Salmon CT“, Photo: Finn Beek