Fink Salmon CT

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The Charlie Christian Underwound by Nick Silver Pickups in the neck position covers a wide tonal spectrum with clarity and a solid bass fundament.

The Sweeney Todd at the bridge position is also hand-wound by Nick Silver Pickups. It has the right amount of twang but without any harshness in the higher frequencies.

On Guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Tone Control


To unlock the full potential of the pickups, there is an additional 4th position which switches the neck and the bridge pickup in serial mode. This results in a warm and rich tone wich sounds amazing for solo lines as well as for rhythm sections.

A volume control and a global tone control is all you need to dial in the sound you want from this guitar. High quality parts such as Emerson Custom CTS style pots and Mojotone Vitamin T caps are used in the electronics compartment.

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On Guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Sustain Block

Wood & Hardware

The wood composition consists of Alder for the body, rift sawn maple and bog oak for the fretboard. Due to the 5-point machine screws neck attachment, the Gotoh Ti-TC2 bridge and the Grainger String Ferrule Block this guitar develops massive sustain.


NameFink Salmon CT
Serial NumberFink #003
Scale Length25.5 in
Weight3.28 kg


Neck MaterialEuropean maple, rift sawn
Fretboard MaterialsBog oak
Fretboard Radius16 in
Nut MaterialVintage bone
Fretwire2,6 x 1,2mm Jumbo Frets (18% Nickel-Silver)
Truss RodDual-Action, easy access


Body MaterialAlder
Color & CoatingSalmon orange, silky matt clear coat


Neck PickupNick Silver Charlie Christian Underwound
Bridge PickupNick Silver Sweeney Todd
Pickup SwitchLever Switch with 4 Positions: Neck, Neck & Bridge parallel, Bridge, Neck & Bridge serial
ShieldingHumbrella conductive paint
PotentiometersEmerson Custom CTS 500K
Tone CapacitorMojotone Vitamin T 0,022uF
JackPure Tone Multi-Contact Jack


BridgeGotoh Ti-TC2 Telecaster Bridge
TunersKluson No-Line Tuners M6NLP
Sustain BlockGrainger String Ferrule Block
Neck Atttachment5 point machine screws
KnobsSchaller Speed knob
On guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Pickups

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