Fink Salmon CT

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The Charlie Christian Underwound by Nick Silver Pickups in the neck position covers a wide tonal spectrum with clarity and a solid bass fundament.

The Sweeney Todd at the bridge position is also hand-wound by Nick Silver Pickups. It has the right amount of twang but without any harshness in the higher frequencies.

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To unlock the full potential of the pickups, there is an additional 4th position which switches the neck and the bridge pickup in serial mode. This results in a warm and rich tone wich sounds amazing for solo lines as well as for rhythm sections.

A volume control and a global tone control is all you need to dial in the sound you want from this guitar. High quality parts such as Emerson Custom CTS style pots and Mojotone Vitamin T caps are used in the electronics compartment.

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On Guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Sustain Block

Wood & Hardware

The wood composition consists of Alder for the body, rift sawn maple and bog oak for the fretboard. Due to the 5-point machine screws neck attachment, the Gotoh Ti-TC2 bridge and the Grainger String Ferrule Block this guitar develops massive sustain.

Price & Build time


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The price is calculated based on the parts and specifications described on this page. Depending on your custom needs and also due to fluctuating market prices for parts, the final price for an instrument may vary.

The build time for a custom made instrument is about 5 months provided that all parts for the configuration are available in the at short notice.


NameFink Salmon CT
Serial NumberFink #003
Scale Length25.5 in
Weight3.28 kg


Neck MaterialEuropean maple, rift sawn
Fretboard MaterialsBog oak
Fretboard Radius16 in
Nut MaterialVintage bone
Fretwire2,6 x 1,2mm Jumbo Frets (18% Nickel-Silver)
Truss RodDual-Action, easy access


Body MaterialAlder
Color & CoatingSalmon orange, silky matt clear coat


Neck PickupNick Silver Charlie Christian Underwound
Bridge PickupNick Silver Sweeney Todd
Pickup SwitchLever Switch with 4 Positions: Neck, Neck & Bridge parallel, Bridge, Neck & Bridge serial
ShieldingHumbrella conductive paint
PotentiometersEmerson Custom CTS 500K
Tone CapacitorMojotone Vitamin T 0,022uF
JackPure Tone Multi-Contact Jack


BridgeGotoh Ti-TC2 Telecaster Bridge
TunersKluson No-Line Tuners M6NLP
Sustain BlockGrainger String Ferrule Block
Neck Atttachment5 point machine screws
KnobsSchaller Speed knob
On guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Pickups

This guitar is already sold but we would love to build one for you according to your wishes.

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