On Guitars - Star Grey White 3S

Star GreyWhite 3S

This guitar shines clean as well as distorted. Made of noble chestnut, walnut, wenge and beautiful sounding Nick Silver Ivory Tulip pickups.

On Guitars - Fink Salmon CT - Front 001

Fink Salmon CT

Warm and twangy sounds powered by Nick Silver Charlie Christian Underwound and Sweeney Todd pickups

On Guitars - Star Black 3S - Frontside

Star Black 3S

Glassy sounds without single-coil hum thanks to Mojotone Quiet Coil ’58 pickups

On Guitars - Star Black FF front-01

Fink Black FF

Powered with two Filter’Tron™ pickups, this electric guitar produces warm, rich, sparkly and punchy tones for many musical genres and styles.